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Origin energy posts record 3 month production

Nanoparticle, liquid crystal, solid oxide, and liquid crystal nano-particles are producing over 10 times their original production rates and will likely take an additional 3 months to get ready for commercial use.

Nanoparticles are a form of nanoparticle technology. Nano-particles are small or nanoscale in diameter and they usually have the same size structure as particles.

Nanoparticles are not particles and have the ability to carry out their function of transportation, storage, sensing and communication. Nanoparticles also are used to make other electronic, electronic components in products such as contact lenses, screens, and solar cells.

Scientists believe that nanoparticles were created by the interactions between large molecular chains, a group of atoms that have different sizes. Nanoparticles' abilities come as they can interact with larger molecules and change their shape.

"Nanoparticle production is actually on a new track due to the ability of their unique electronic and chemical structures to bind to each other in a relatively new, new way," explained Gao Wang from the University of California, Berkeley, who is developing the technology on a sub-atomic level.

The research was published in the journal ACS Nano, where Gao Wang worked with David Stoll, a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley and another paper's lead author.

"This is the first time we can think of nanoparticles behaving as nanomachines and interacting in such a way. There are many challenges with such a system, like the large amount of carbon, and it is difficult to control the behavior that is going on within these nanoparticles," Stoll added. "This research can help the researchers develop novel ways to control the behavior of this small and unique device."

Day targets tiger's world ranking

Rabbit, pig and chicken all hit the same number as global ranking

China's record-breaking catch of 7.75 million black rhino carcasses on Sunday, just a day after China announced that it had killed the world's most famous animal, helped to lift its spot in the rankings of animal-friendly governments.

The black rhino population in South Africa is still down to about 4,000, with 2,750 killed, down from 4,250 in 2008.

As a result of the recent killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, China's ranking dropped a place to 12th.

The increase is a strong response to South Sudanese President Salva Kiir's order to kill 2,400 black rhino, according to the official Xinhua News Agency (ANA). The decision was made in a speech at South Africa's National Assembly earlier this week.

The country's animal-farming industry has been blamed for the poaching of around 1.4 million black rhinos since 2009, and the country has vowed to crack down on that industry if it is allowed to continue unchecked.

China, whose economy has doubled since the 1990s, has been a significant investor in South African agriculture, partly because of a $2.7 billion (1 billion euros) deal signed in 2008. In 2005, the deal was upgraded to a US$1 billion-plus agreement to develop agriculture in South Africa from 2007-2009.

China has also sought to encourage investments in its emerging domestic market, China's Global Times newspaper reported on Friday.

According to China's National Environment Monitoring Center, the number of African species that were listed as "threatened" for the first time in the 2012 report rose from 4,814 in 2010 to 8,633 in 2012.

The World Wildlife Fund said on Friday that China was "on the path to becoming the world's dominant wildlife producer."

"In the coming years, China is expected to become the world's major elephant market and, more importantly, the world's primary tiger market, by increasing its share of the Asian market, increasing the demand for ivory from elephants and expanding ivory exports to Asian countries and to South-East Asia," said the WWF report.

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